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. you're watching cbs5 eyewitness news. >> so many people, it's a beautiful thing. everybody has everybody's back. >> help helping a devastated community recover. how neighbors rallying to help. a smoky fire breaks out. they need to be treated as weapons. they are. >> the hidden drug problems. how a new tactic is being tested to keep medicine automatic out of the hands of kids. >> trashing california's coastline. what volunteers found on the banks of san francisco bay. good evening. people who live in san bruno haven't had much to be happy
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for but today they gathered to support the victims of the fire. they also showed already determination and sense of community. >> this must be the most up beat event in the past few weeks since the devastating gas line explosion and fire. it's not only a benefit for the community but the kind of well, big hug th era py. >> after such a tragedy and let everybody see each other again and make it known we are going to come back from this. >> reporter: holly's family home was destroyed. so was the home of joe's parents. >> if you look out this way there is so many people. it's a beautiful thing. everybody has everybody's back. they have shirts and all this kind of stuff. it's really warm, it's great, it's fantastic. >> reporter: friday crews started cleaning up the remains of the once neat neighborhood,
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sorts out what was repsychable and what wasn't. >> isn't just a demolition job. this is a removal of individual's homes, their personal belongings, their material, they are respectful, some somebody's home. >> reporter: folks may be sad to see their homes gone but look ahead to seat ground cleared and a chance to begin again. home grown dj jimmy stewart junior donated $10,000 to his hometown. >> growing up here and -- able to help out. wish i could do more. still do more. work still isn't done. >> reporter: san bruno is moving on. the community needed a day like this. >> neighborhood reunion. it's -- i think everybody needed one of these days. >> reporter: neighbors said it's pretty tight and they said the turn out of fire victims and the community that supports them shows it. >> it looked like a well
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organized event. any idea how much they may have raised? >> it's hard to say. they sold hundreds of shirts, 10 10,000 from the dj. lots of money. >> stretchh of highway one closed because of a grass fire. broke out this afternoon. it has already burned 75 acres. and fire crews still have not contained it. one firefighter was injured and taken to the hospital. at least one structure has burned. lanes in both directions are closed until tomorrow morning. the cause of the fire is unknown. we also want to let people in the bo dega know that 911 is out of service because of the
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fire. call 707-875-3001 if you have emergencies. a blaze in napa has been contained. it burned about 25 acres. authorities say there would no injuries or structures burned. the cause is unknown. wednesday scheduled execution of albert brown still on. a judge refused to reconsider his denial of a stay. he did give brown until noon tomorrow to chose between a single injection or a three drug cocktail. he told the judge he doesn't know enough about the different methods to make that decision. his lawyer is expected to take the case before the court on monday in a separate legal challenge. the defense can also go before the court of appeals. a south bay teen said he thinks a police officer who pretended to arrest him should go to jail for overstepping his
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authority. the 15-year-old's father recorded the confrontation. it shows the officer handcuffing the boy and lecturing him about having sex with his 14-year-old stepdaughter. >> not a good thing that the person you had sex with is a cop's daughter. that's not someone you mess with. >> reporter: the handcuffs were later removed and the boy wasn't arrested but both teens are facing charges for having underage sex. the officer has been put on leave pending an investigation. the officer's lawyer said he was just trying to scare the boy straight. two oakland homicide investigators were honored for helping the families of murder victims. the lieutenant and sergeant were recognized by a nonprofit group called one thousand mothers to prevent violence. the group provides support,
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referrals and ongoing service to loved ones of homicide victims. a mother's group with a different focus rallied today. the group called mother's taking a stand against police brutality honored women whose children have been killed or assaulted by police. members of oscar grant's family attended that. they say there will be a series of events focusing on the grant case as the sentencing date for his killer approaches. it's the fastest growing drug problem in the nation. today a national approach to keep prescription drug away from kids. the dea set up collection points where people could turn in unused drugs. julie watts on the turn out. >> reporter: he went to sleep and just never woke up. >> reporter: april is just one of many who lost a child to prescription drugs. >> they need it be treated as
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weapons. >> reporter: the dea agrees. much like the popular gun buy back program they are sponsoring this one day take back program at police precinct across the company. a relief for many like candace who has been trying to safely get rid of a bag full of drugs. >> how do you get rid of them? i was told to grind them up and mix them with kitty litter throw them away. doesn't seem like a great option. >> reporter: it may not be a great one but grinding them up is one of the best opposites for keeping them away from kids. complicated that's why john martin of the dea said they are responsoring the event. >> we are trying to get them out of the medicine cabinet and so they don't possibly get on to the street and are abused. >> reporter: studies show most people who abuse prescription drugs like these get them out of the medicine cabinet of
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family and friends. you better think twice before throwing them away or flushing them. saturday's program was a success as evidenced by these full bins in oakland by midday. a positive sign for mothers like april who know all to well the tragic results when they get to the wrong hands. >> i want nobody else to have to suffer as we have from this. >> in oakland. julye watts. >> checking headlines around the bay area. a two story home in the willowglen neighborhood is a total loss after a three alarm fire overnight. the flames starred in a shed at the rear of the house on newport and then spread. the six people inside got out okay. the owner told the mercury news he ha been renovating for 12 years. san francisco may go the way of santa clara banning toys in kid's meals. a committee of the board of
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supervisors will hear the proposal monday. it would make it illegal for kids meals to come with toy itself the meals exceed limits on galleries, fat, sugar and salt. the sponsor said the toys contribute to weight problems. the restaurant industry says it's an example of government regulation going to far. some of berkeley's bears may soon be on the endangered suppose's list. the chancellor will adamance which of its athletic programs will be cut to bridge a 13 million-dollar budget gap. football, basketball and women's volleyball are reportedly safe but other sports may be gone. california's coastline is a resource worth protecting. today a small army of volunteers launched an attack to do just that. john on the enemy they targeted. >> that's why we are out here. to try to get this trash before it's out of hour control.
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>> reporter: people showed up all over to help out with coastal clean up day. >> we found one hair bush, a chopstick. >> reporter: and they had no trouble finding what they were look for. >> a planter, pencil and a doll's eye ball. >> reporter: thousands of people are out here to try to clean up the bay but the truth is any trash that reaches the bay there is not much to do about it. there is no practicallal way to clean it up. the trick is to catch this trash before it goes into open water. that's why volunteers focused on places like the creek. it's foilage captures and concentrates trash. >> area that are well protected but area that are neglected. that is one of those places we go. we want to -- do our part to help out. >> reporter: the effort has grown dramaticly. organizers are hoping being green is about real social change and not just a passing fad. >> people are starting to
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realize that polluting creates an economic cost for them. it's degrading the environment and that costs us money. >> reporter: the fact that it's become popular i think is really going to help and i hope it stays popular. >> reporter: the parent who launched this child's letter to santa probably didn't mean hard. >> this shouldn't be found in the water. >> in the water. >> reporter: the volunteers say they do feel they are making a difference. organizers stress this is just the beginning. >> this is a great start. people come out and see how much trash is getting in to the bay where it affects fish and wildlife and then we need everybody to go home and work on making sure that cities stop this trash from getting in to the bay. >> reporter: in south san francisco. john raymond. >> not so warm welcome for the house speaker.
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where protesters were waiting. >> much better at picking art than commercial real estate. state. >> a mini bailout by the highest bidders . >> i'm working really hard to make a living for my kids without exploiting them. . and octo mom holds a garage sale. why she is desperate to beef up or bank account. >> the cw. we have that sunshine and the heat. many folks have been looking for. we will talk about that coming up. [ female announcer ] jerry brown and oakland's schools. what were the facts? fact: march 7, 2000. brown asks voters for new mayoral power to appoint school board members. he gets it, and promises better schools. but the drop out rate increases 50%.
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pelosi was in charleston to give the keynote speech at an n- double-a-c-p banqu shopnbc. protesters greet the house speaker in south carolina. she was there to speak at a dinner. she may call for a vote next week on extending tax cuts. republican leaders want the vote delayed until after the november election. the battle over same sex marriage is spreading beyond california again. ten states have filed briefs saying they, not the courts, should get the final say. the state's also stay the constitution doesn't require marriage to include same sex couples. proposition eight, the ban on same sex marriage has been ruled unconstitutional but is still under appeal. among the states filing the brief, florida, indiana,
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michigan, virginia and utah. it wasn't a pretty picture what happened to lehman brothers. it was the biggest bankruptcy in history. now some pay back. how people lined up to own a piece of history. >> $380,000. >> reporter: art collectors picked up some of the most valuable assets from lehmam brothers. some of these works of art graced the office walls of executives for more than a century. >> in a way a collector's collection. it's not a corporate collection. it bears the -- very intel against people. >> reporter: they had the right stuff on the walls but the wrong stuff on its balance sheet. >> much better at picking art than picking commercial realist seat. >> reporter: risky bets and excessive debt doomed them. regulators refused a bailout
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two years ago causing them to declare bankruptcy. all told the auction made more than $12 million. wednesday art in england goes up for auction. >> even if we get 3 million that's a drop in the ocean compared to their debt. >> reporter: they set a record for the largest bankruptcy in history. >> perfect weather for today's dragon boat races. 80 teams will compete in the two day event. this is the last race of the season which is why the team's are giving it their all. >> competition is really
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serious. we are -- the largest competitive dragon boat race in the united states and this is why we are getting a lot of people from out of town. they want to come here to have some really good racing in addition to just having fun onto water and land. >> tomorrow's races start at 10:00 a.m. i guess we are going to need the sun screen and cool drink tomorrow. >> yes. it'll be hot in spots again. overlooking the bay. it's looking good right now. nice and clear toward the bay. couple patches of fog start to sneak in toward the coastline . the moon looking good. we enjoyed one of the nicest begins in quite a while. lots of sun. hot temperatures. tomorrow it'll be hot, especially inland. well in to the 90s. many spots, lue find 08's. out toward the coastline. patchy fog developing there but it'll be a thin layer. it'll belong gone. lots of sun in the afternoon.
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speaking of warm, 79 degrees. 77 in livermore. 77 redwood city. 74 degrees in san rafael. on the big picture. high pressure taking care of us. this trough starting to get in on us. that will enhance the marine layer. it breaks down at the coastline. it'll be sunny and hot in the coastline. numbers looking like this. let's plan on 70s toward the beaches. 80s and 90s toward toward the bay area. we are expecting the peak of the heat toward monday and then looks like by tuesday we will start to cool things down. inside the bay. then everybody cools down toward next weekend. enjoy the heat. not many more weekends left like this. >> still inland about 86 degrees. >> still toasty. >> we have summer. thank you. >> she admits she violated her probation. why she is a free woman again tonight. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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lohan. less than 12 hours after being jailed for violating her probation . another freaky friday for lindsey lohan. less than 12 hours after being jailed shes was free again. a judge ruled she had the right to post bail so she posted $300,000 and agreed to appear in court next month. this is the third time she has been in jail for a three year old drug and drunk driving case. she has served fewer than 15 days. from the couch, octo mom was sitting on when she found
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she was pregnant so the sonograms she was selling it all today at a garage sale. what is behind the desperate move. >> reporter: behind closed doors people paid to take pictures of her. her eight children's toys,. >> what is it? >> doll house. >> reporter: crib bumpers and super sized strollers went up for sale. one taken about i a mother of five expecting twins. >> hope it'll last for all the kids. >> reporter: she already had six when through fertility treat mens she got pregnant with eight more. >> she used to wear this around the house -- you can see how big it is. >> reporter: she has taken or financial problems in to the spotlight. >> i'm working really hard to make a living for them without exploiting them. >> reporter: the sale was host
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by her long time friend and radio personality rick dees. they have also put items for sale online like the baby's hand and foot prints and her post baby bikinis. they hope to race $10,000. >> it's just a step. one little baby step. >> reporter: the reality is she needs a lot more cash than just what she hopes to race at the garage sale. the owner said if she doesn't get the mortgage balloon payment of $450,000 in the effect two weeks she could loose the home. >> i don't know how she will make that. >> reporter: the property owner and her family have publicly sparred over their financial arrangement. she said this sale is part of a new scaled back lifestyle and she is focus on writing a book. >> all that matter is my family. >> you heard in that story anyone who wanted to take a picture with her was charged
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ten dollars. those who wanted a picture with her and the kids had to pay $100. >> the giant's offense scores nine runs but the pitches staff has a rough night. how did one player score twice in 13 seconds in find out next. b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e.
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baccalaureate. correct. [ audience groans ] since this competition has been continuing for 48 hours and we have yet to eliminate anyone, it is the decision of this board to declare all 20 contestants winners. you have all competed admirably. admirably. a-d-m-i-r-a-b-l-y. admirably. [ male announcer ] at&t is making high speed internet affordable for only $14.95 a month with select services. at&t. rethink possible.
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9-9 game in . the giants and rockies combined for 32 hits and 19 runs. troy ripping one into left field. carlos gonzalez will try to score from first. burrell has a hard time cutting off. the rockies win. giants a half game back of the padres in the nl west. a's rangers, cantu breaking the tie with the solo homer off
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werth rangers win and get the west title. stanford improves to 4-0 for the first time since 1986. scoring two touchdowns in less than one minute. one on offense, one on defense. cardinal beat notre dame. cal was up 9-3 against arizona. less than two minutes to play. nick lobs it up. the game's only touchdown. arizona beat cal. we go to austin for the big upset of the day. the ground against texas. the bruins won 34-12. > >> we happen to think it's great. >> stanford crushed ucla a couple weeks ago. >> i'm okay with that. >> let's not hawk of talk about that. >> i was just -- raiders and cardinals tomorrow. we have 5th quarter here and lawrence predicts. >> raid erwin. >> of course.
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>> what else. >> that --. >> that's the news at ten. the news is alwayson the website. dave has more sports on 11. good night. ,,,,,, [ son ] my parents have always lived in the states.
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